March 22 - 24, 2024

A celebration brought together by a lively and friendly group of experts and presenters from the wonderful world of artisan cheese. The festival promotes broad awareness of the artisan cheesemaking community and enjoyment of its products. 

Thank you for your interest in the California Artisan Cheese Festival.
Check back in January for information about the 19th Annual event to be held in 2025!

Get your ticket for three days of cheese bliss! This weekend of all things cheese is filled with Cheese Tastings and Pairings, Farm and Producer Tours, Cheese Crawl, and the Artisan Cheese Tasting & Marketplace.

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March 22 · 8:30am - March 24 · 4pm PDT

Get your ticket and grab a friend for three days of artisan cheese bliss! This weekend is filled with tastings, tours, and marketplace fun!


Farm & Producer Tours

The Farm & Producer tours offer a diverse exploration of artisan food and drink culture, focusing on local specialties like cheese making, wine tasting, and organic farming. Each tour provides unique, educational, and sensory experiences, showcasing the region's artisanal traditions and scenic beauty.

Seminars & Pairing Discussions

Discover the art of Cheese & Wine Pairing and delve into Cheese & Beer combinations, explore Aperitif & Cheese Pairing, or master Cheese + Charcuterie Board Building. Enhance your culinary skills in these engaging workshops.

Cheese Crawl at the Barlow

Set off on a flavorful adventure at The Barlow in Sebastopol with an evening dedicated to cheese tasting and exploration. Attendees will be given a map to guide them to different businesses where they can sample cheeses, each paired with specially selected food or beverage tastings.

Artisan Cheese Tasting & Marketplace

The Artisan Cheese Tasting & Marketplace is an event showcasing over 100 artisans, including cheese producers, winemakers, and brewers. Guests can taste and buy a variety of hand-crafted cheeses, complementary foods, and drinks, and receive an exclusive insulated cheese tote bag.

Celebrating Our 2024 Artisan Cheese Festival Sponsors

We're honored to work with our 2024 Artisan Cheese Festival's Sponsors – a distinguished group of industry leaders. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge in cheese craftsmanship, a commitment to sustainability, and a flair for innovative pairings. Their insights and contributions are pivotal in making this event a remarkable journey through the world of artisan cheese.

Staff showing a sample of cheese to customer at counter in market

Artisan Cheese Festival in the News Highlights

Discover the latest stories and updates about this year's event, as well as delightful recollections from past festivals and see why this festival is a must-visit destination for cheese enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike.


Explore Our Gallery

Take a look at our gallery with past festival moments. Feel the excitement and camaraderie that await you. Join us this year and become part of these unforgettable memories — where great tastes and great people meet!